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In Dec 2014, I purchased a Wubble Bubble ball at Toys-R-Us for my child at a cost of $20 USD which included 1 ball and 1 blower (which is the same blower one can buy elsewhere for inflating pool accessories). Less than 2 weeks of indoor, supervised (non-rough) playing, the ball POPPED.

Inside the toy's box was a card that offered a "warranty replacement" for $7 through "NSI International." The card claimed I should not return the failed Wubble toy to the store but, instead, pay NSI International a fee to replace it. We all know this is entirely an untrue scam, as Toys-R-Us would have certainly provided a full refund.

Nevertheless, I visited their website on 5-January-2015 http://guarantee.wubbleball.com/ and paid the $7 via credit card online. Despite taking my money, I have yet to receive the product as of 04-Februrary-2015.

Emails to help@wubbleball.com take 2 weeks to receive a (unprofessional) reply and only offer apologies for the delay ... but no delivery date or assurance.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss warranty issue of wubble bubble ball and associated monetary loss in the amount of $28. Nsi International needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I bought the Wubble Ball bright, the box says Lifetime Replacement guarantee on the box. When I called to have it replaced (because surprise, it popped within minutes of using it) they told me they "made a mistake" by putting that lifetime guarantee notice on the box!

They said that was a mistake and they are not guaranteeing the Wubble Ball bright. WTF!!??


I too had the same experience. No replacement after sending a check for $7 and as requested, I cut the symbol seal near the valve. Totally disappointed


I agree...this product was so disappointing. When we blew it up, there was already a hole in it.

We immediately had to use a patch.

My granddaughter played with it for about an hour, indoors in a carpeted room, and it got another hole in it. We just bought it yesterday at Target and will try to return it there!


Wow I am going through the same issues. Sent the check and the part they needed back in February and still no wubble ball.


I had no issues with getting my kids wubble ball replaced. It was supper fast. I mailed it April 4,2016 and received the new one on April 22,2016, my kids are HAPPY.

Boca Raton, Florida, United States #1144583

I did Exactly the same ! I sent a check which cleared in my account of February 2016, today April 14th, 2016 still haven't received anything and my email was never responded.


We ordered the replacement Wubble Bubble Ball for $7 and after a few months received a replacement that had several small holes!! Sick of this company!


The same thing happened to me! We ordered from Toys R Us 3/15 and we still have NOT received the replacement as of 12/15!

After numerous calls to what sounded like an old basement phone, no one would return our calls. This was a TOTAL SCAM!


Same thing if not worse happened to me!! They went as far as to keep replying back and forth as if they actually were going to do something for me to make me a happy customer lmao...

I told them all I wanted was my money back. All of our friends have been scammed already and none of us were interested in new replacement balls and we certainly were not sending any more money and they actually had the nerve to say that they had no proof that I purchased a ball. When I forwarded a copy of my receipt to show proof of purchase and replied that they had no other excuses I never heard anything else back.

That company is the biggest scam. Unfortunately I do not have social media of any kind or I would

Blast them all over social media and let the whole world what scammers wubble bubble is about.


We are experiencing the same thing although we are only about 2 months into trying to get a replacement. I sent them the provided envelope with a check over 8 weeks and have sent their company 2 emails in which I have received NO response.

It's frustrating because my 7 year old son runs out every day to the mailbox in the hopes that it's come and is disappointed every time.

Very, very poor customer service!!


I went through the same thing. They took the money out of my account as well.

After two months of emailing ( I ordered in January) they said to email them proof of them charging me for the ball. I asked them why didn't they have proof of charging me. Also at the bottom of my confirmation receipt it states, "We will not charge you until the ball ships. (Not true).

Their response, "sorry." I had to scan a bank statement and then wait another two weeks for a respononse.

Their response said my ball would be to me in 1-2 days. 3 weeks later (yesterday) the ball arrived a total of 5 months later.

West Sacramento, California, United States #959632

I am having the same issue! Have you received your replacement yet?

Did you double check to see if they actually took the money out? We did the same thing, and although I used a credit card on line they never deducted the money. I have been attempting to contact them about it, and now they have stopped replying to my emails. My son loved his ball so much and is disappointed everyday that it doesn't come...

and it's been 2 months! ~ Katie

to Katie Neptune Beach, Florida, United States #971434

Take the product back to the store, contrary to what Wubble asks (to their benefit) which demands a payment. Most large stores like Toys-R-Us will absolutely provide you with a replacement ... at the expense of NSI International instead of the consumer.

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